We understand that many people (not all, of course) are struggling with the various forms of social distancing in relation to Covid-19. We wanted to create a resource for our Mindful Hub family and whilst researching we came across the Australian Psychological Society’s guide on this very topic. And from there we thought instead of replicating, we would share. We hope you find this helpful! If you are feeling the need to talk to a professional you can speak to one of our nationally qualified and registered practitioners here.

Click here to see the PDF form: APS Loneliness Guide 

“Loneliness is a feeling of distress people experience when their social relations are not the way they would like. It is a personal feeling of social isolation. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, one in four Australians were lonely. It is not yet known if Australians are lonelier due to social-distancing requirements and self isolation, but it is important to take note, as lonely Australians have significantly worse physical and mental health than connected Australians. This information sheet outlines some useful strategies you can use to cope with feelings of loneliness, isolation and anxiety that you may be having at this time”.