“I had my session with Helena – for 20 minutes it was a great introductory, she listened intently, no judgment, and was super easy to talk to. I felt comfortable with Helena as soon as I saw her smiling face on my screen. Obviously, the session is short and you can’t really go over much but just meeting Helena in that time for free definitely helps in justifying to pay for sessions.”

Female, 27 years

“I completed the introductory psychology session. I had originally questioned its necessity, given that I don’t currently struggle with mental health issues. I’m so glad I ignored my own ego, and went ahead with it anyway! The truth is, you don’t have to be ill to talk to someone about how you feel. It was really great to get to know a psychologist in general. She also shared a range of rights I have to mental health, which made me feel so much more comfortable, should I ever reach a bad place in future.  

I learnt that you don’t have to be completely self-negligent to invest in yourself further. In fact, no matter where we start with self-care, well-being, and health, we owe it to ourselves to invest in advancing that position. I’ve come away feeling mentally and physically, in a very holistically healthy state and I would recommend to anyone and everyone. Not only because it is virtual and extremely accessible, but also because they (appointments) are completely catered to you and where you’re at. The Mindful Hub cares about you and your development.” 

McKenzie, 30 years

“I found the introduction consultation to be very worthwhile.  Helena is very professional and easy to communicate with.  Setting up the appointment through the Zoom link was very easy and user-friendly. It’s so good to have a resource such as this available.  Great work.”

Female, 56 years