Introducing The She Shines Program: A Mindful Hub Program for Tween Girls

The Mindful Hub is thrilled to launch a new and empowering initiative tailored for tween girls in Grades 4, 5, and 6. This 3-week program is designed to foster essential life skills, cultivate self-esteem, build confidence, enhance resilience, and promote self-advocacy.

The program is a safe and supportive space for girls to explore and embrace their personal strengths and challenges.

Program Features: 

Duration: The program runs for 3 weeks, providing a comprehensive exploration of personal development through a Psychology lens. 

Age Group: Specifically tailored for girls in Grades 4, 5, and 6. 

Facilitator: She Shines is led by Bryana, our Provisional Psychologist who is on placement with us, from Latrobe University. Bryana has a wealth of experience in supporting youth development. 

Session Timing: Thursdays from 3:45 pm to 4:30 pm.

Session Format: Each 45-minute session is carefully curated to include engaging activities, group discussions, and mindfulness-based exercises to encourage self-reflection and personal growth. 

Topics Covered: The program covers a range of evidence-based material with topics including self-esteem, confidence-building, resilience strategies, understanding personal strengths and struggles, and the importance of self-advocacy. 

Cost: $20 per session, totalling $60 for the 3-week program.

Location: The program will be hosted at The Mindful Hub clinic (47 MacAlister St Sale), providing a comfortable and nurturing environment. 

Snack and Hydration: Participants are encouraged to bring a snack and a water bottle to ensure they stay energised and hydrated during the sessions. 

Registration: Limited spaces are available for She Shines, and interested parents/guardians can now register. Program sizes are capped at 5 tweens + our facilitator. Waitlists are available for future programs if you miss out on a spot for the next starting program.

Send through your expression of interest with your tween’s name and DOB to hello@themindfulhub.com.au or by including these details in the contact form below. From here our admin team will be in touch. 

Please note She Shines is not a replacement of individual therapy. 

She Shines by The Mindful Hub








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