Low Cost Counselling

Low Cost counselling (LCC) is simply psychological counselling at a reduced rate as the psychologist who is providing the service is provisionally registered. 

So, what is a Provisional Psychologist? 

A provisionally registered psychologist is a student who is undertaking an approved internship from the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). A Provisional Psychologist is in their final years of training and working towards gaining their full General Registration as a Psychologist. They are highly skilled and work under the guidance of a Board Approved Supervisor until their full general registration is received.

Who is this for?

LCC aims to allow all individuals to have access to counselling or seeing a Provisional Psychologist at a reduced rate and caters for individuals’ circumstances such as financial hardship. (Please note there are no rebates available for low cost counselling services).Is the student qualified? Yes, the provisional psychologist is qualified ( Bachelors Degree in Psychology, Honours or Grad Diploma in Psychology and/or a Masters Degree or 2 years experienced learning) and registered with AHPRA.

What experience/qualifications do they have?

A Provisional Psychologist has a bachelor’s degree within the field of Psychology, then a Honours or Graduate Diploma of Psychology and then either a Masters degree in Professional Psychology or is completing two years supervised practice with a fully registered Psychologist as their mentor (known as the +2 pathway). In regard to experience, a Provisional Psychologist undertakes placements in both the Master’s programs and within their supervised practice if completing the +2 pathway. Within these placements Provisional Psychologists work with individuals across the lifespan, children, adolescents, adults and older adults as well as with a range of different presentations.

How do I book?

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