Welcome to The Mindful Hub

The Mindful Hub is the ultimate place for your online psychology and  appointments. We provide all Australians with more affordable and accessible appointments, no matter where you live – all you need is a secure internet connection.

Our job is to mindfully help make you feel better mentally, emotionally and physically. We aim to take the pain of fear, stigma of seeing a therapist, being time poor and excessive costs out of the equation, allowing an overall increase in your mental health and wellbeing, while saving you time and money.

Our secure and confidential online platform allows you to book through our website connecting you with a Psychologist, all from the comfort of your own home or desired space.

What’s The Process?

We know that it can seem daunting having consultations online. It’s a relatively new way of accessing health care and we pride ourselves in being able to provide healthcare to anyone within Australia.

We thought we’d outline the process so that you have an understanding of what happens and how it all works.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

1. Choose a time and practitioner that suits your needs.

Currently we are offering Psychology and mental health services, however we are so happy that we will soon be able to offer a range of services and practitioners. We understand that everyone has different needs and we endeavour to try to accommodate for most situations.

2. Schedule an appointment.

Once you have decided which service and practitioner best suits you, it’s time to schedule your appointment. We make this easy to create your booking online by booking in directly or requesting times and dates that suit you. Click here to request your appointment.

3. We send through a link for your consultation.

Once you have scheduled your appointment, you will receive an email shortly after. This email will include any relevant information necessary. When you are ready to start your online consultation, simply click the link (provided) and your practitioner will be there to start your consultation.

You will receive a reminder email  and/or text prior to the commencement of your booking.


4. Consultation is held.

Your consultation will be held online via our secure online platform. Private Health insurance and Medicare rebates are available to those who are eligible. Your next appointment will be scheduled as needed.