Rhiannon is a Provisional Psychologist who is currently in her last year of her internship before gaining her General Registration as a Psychologist. Rhiannon has a profound interest in anxiety disorder and personal wellbeing.

She has worked with a range of clients with different concerns such as Anxiety Disorders, Depression, Autism Spectrum Disorder as well as child psychology within an educational setting.

Rhiannon provide one-to-one counselling and is passionate about developing a strong therapeutic relationship with a safe, warm, and supportive environment. She believes that a collaborative approach to treatment is key to working through to the core nature of the individuals presenting difficulties.

In her practice she uses a range of different evidence-based psychological treatments such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Mindfulness based therapy interventions.

Rhiannon’s qualifications include: Bachelor of Health Science (Major in Psychology and Exercise Science) – Deakin University, Graduate Diploma of Psychology, Masters of Professional Psychology and a Masters of Professional Psychology Practice from The Cairnmillar Institute. 
Rhiannon currently offers low-cost counselling services. To read more about low cost counselling read on below:

Low Cost Counselling

  • Low Cost counselling (LCC) is simply psychological counselling at a reduced rate as the psychologist who is providing the service is provisionally registered. 

So, what is a Provisional Psychologist? 

  • A provisionally registered psychologist is a student who is undertaking an approved internship from the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). A Provisional Psychologist is in their final years of training and working towards gaining their full General Registration as a Psychologist. They are highly skilled and work under the guidance of a Board Approved Supervisor until their full general registration is received.

Who is this for?

LCC aims to allow all individuals to have access to counselling or seeing a Provisional Psychologist at a reduced rate and caters for individuals’ circumstances such as financial hardship. 

(Please note there are no rebates available for low cost counselling services).

Is the student qualified? 

  • Yes, the provisional psychologist is qualified ( Bachelors Degree in Psychology, Honours or Grad Diploma in Psychology and/or a Masters Degree or 2 years experienced learning) and registered with AHPRA.

What experience/qualifications do they have?

  • A Provisional Psychologist has a bachelor’s degree within the field of Psychology, then a Honours or Graduate Diploma of Psychology and then either a Masters degree in Professional Psychology or is completing two years supervised practice with a fully registered Psychologist as their mentor (known as the +2 pathway). 
  • In regard to experience, a Provisional Psychologist undertakes placements in both the Master’s programs and within their supervised practice if completing the +2 pathway. Within these placements Provisional Psychologists work with individuals across the lifespan, children, adolescents, adults and older adults as well as with a range of different presentations.