Founder/Managing Director

Tegan is passionate about Mental Health and making a real difference to the millions of Aussie’s wanting and needing support in maintaining healthy mental health and wellbeing.

Growing up in the regional area of Gippsland Victoria, it was and still is clear that the further people live from a major city, the harder it is to access mental health and wellbeing services due to a number of factors such as long wait lists for appointments, accessibility, cost, transport and stigma. These reasons are why The Mindful Hub was created, not to compete with private practices in the region, but to supplement and take the pressure of wait lists from the already overwhelmed mental health and wellbeing industry. The Mindful Hub allows people to have access to the care they need and want, no matter their location in Australia.

Tegan is currently finishing off the last leg of her studies to become a registered Psychologist, so in the meantime, she will be behind the scenes running The Mindful Hub, where consultations will be provided by our nationally registered psychologists.

She is also a Mother of two and is passionate about health for both her and her family. For all general enquiries regarding The Mindful Hub, Tegan will be your go-to person.