Where do I start?


When we finally get to the point of recognising we want to seek help we are often thrown into the deep end trying to figure out what services are out there and what all the lingo means.

We have created this guide to help work out what it all means…


  • Works with people experiencing more complex, severe and/or long-term mental health disorders through diagnosis, medication, brain stimulation therapies + therapy
  • Education: Medical training followed by specialty training in psychiatry + mental health (at least 11 years)
  • Expertise: Have a greater understanding of biological factors related to mental health
  • Regulation: All psychiatrists must be accredited by the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (RANZCP)
  • Pathway: Referral from your GP or another medical doctor
  • Medicare rebates can be accessed in some cases.


  • Psychologists provide counselling and therapy to people with diagnosed mental disorders; they also work with mentally healthy people to help them function better. Psychologists use a range of therapeutic approaches to their work. Psychologists are also trained to administer various psychometric tests, scales and assessments to help formulate mental health diagnoses.
  • Education: 4-year degree followed by 2 years of supervised training. Some psychologists have an endorsed area of practice which requires further training and supervised practice in that area (e.g., clinical psychology, neuropsychology, forensic psychology)
  • Expertise: Use scientific methods to study the factors that influence the way we think, feel, learn and behave.
  • Regulation: Practitioners must meet the requirements of the Psychology Board of Australia and registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency.
  • Pathway: No referral required
  • Cost: The APS recommends fees of $133 for up to half an hour or $241 for up to an hour. Rebates are available with Medicare (for rebates you will require a Mental Health Care Plan from a GP under the Better Access to Mental Health Care scheme).


  • Use talk-based therapy to help people to develop self-understanding and make changes in their lives
  • Education: Ranges from short courses to formal training; there is no mandated minimum training or qualification framework
  • Expertise: Can take on a case-management role, talking to other services, making referrals for other difficulties such as housing, job seeking services, financial advisors
  • Regulation: There is no formal regulation body, however the Australian Counselling Association or the Psychotherapists and Counsellors Federation of Australia are good places to look to when looking for a counsellor
  • Cost: The cost of one session can range from $60 to $150. Medicare rebates are not available.

We are hoping that this information above gives you a clearer idea about the difference in modalities. Here at The Mindful Hub, we have online Psychology readily available for you – no matter where you are located in Australia.

If you are unsure of our online platform or Psychologist is the right fit for you and your needs, we currently have a 20-minute introductory to online psychology. This allows clients who are unsure of how a session would take place online or to see if our Psychologist may be the right fit for future psychology appointments. It allows clients to ‘test’ out the service before committing to a full 90-minute initial consultation. *It should be noted that this session will not involve formal assessment or diagnosis of mental health issues or involve any intervention strategies.

Further psychology consultations available through The Mindful Hub include:

  1. An initial meet and greet – 20 minutes in duration and FREE of charge. This allows clients to see if the practitioner and platform is the right fit for you, before committing to a longer fee paying appointment.
  2. A standard consultation – 55 minutes in duration and can be booked in as new or existing clientele.
  3. An extended consultation – 75 minutes in duration and can be booked in before or after an initial consultation has taken place. It is advised to chat to your Psychologist to see whether an extended consultation is necessary over a standard 55-minute consultation.
  4. Couples or Family consultations – also 75 minutes in duration and can be booked in after an initial consultation has taken place individually with one or more family members.

You can see full booking details here: Book Online