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The Mindful Hub Philosophy

The Mindful Hub provides all Australians affordable and accessible psychology appointments, no matter where you live. Book appointments and meet your therapist through our secure and confidential online platform – all from the comfort of your own home or desired space.

Our team of experienced Psychologists offer flexible appointments, with no long waitlists, via video or phone. Support should be accessible to everyone, that’s why we also offer Low-cost Counselling with our Provisional Psychologists.

Our Team Can Help You With…

Individual Counselling
Individual counseling is a process where you will work one-on-one with a trained mental health clinician in a safe, caring, and confidential environment.

Individual counseling can help you deal with many personal topics in life such as anger, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, marriage and relationship challenges, parenting problems, school difficulties, career changes, etc.

Anxiety, Stress, and Depression
Stress, anxiety and feeling down can affect anyone, and happens to a lot of us at some point in our lives.

Our team of psychologists have extensive experience in helping people make lifestyle changes. They can also help identify underlying causes of symptoms and provide strategies for changing unwanted thoughts and behaviors. Therapy can equip you with the skills to manage symptoms, reduce stress, and improve quality of life.

Relationship Therapy
We frequently work with couples and families. Sessions generally involve a couple working with a psychologist around key concerns they or the psychologist identify.

These will often be about communication issues and the impact of recent and past experiences. Couples also frequently come to us for support for conflict and with parenting, grief and loss, managing stress, life changes, financial stress and managing emotions.

Family Therapy
Family therapy is an approach that can help families at all stages of life. It can be useful for families starting to experience difficulties or changes, such as having a baby or children starting school, or for families going through more significant and difficult life transitions, such as separation or a death in the family.

In family therapy we meet with you and talk about your family’s needs and goals. We then develop a plan to support everyone in the family. While family therapy can involve all family members attending a session together, this is not always the case. Often, we meet with different members of the family at different times.

Child Therapy
Children express emotions differently than adults. It is not uncommon for children to act out emotionally or exhibit mood, sleep, and social disturbances because they are not mature enough to articulate their emotions effectively.

Our psychologists understand the unique needs of children, and will work with your child in a number of different ways to help them process and cope with emotions. Our therapists are trained in a variety of treatment modalities and will usually pull from a variety of techniques to best meet your child’s unique needs.

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