About The Mindful Hub

 Online Psychology for ALL Australians, no matter where you live.


We are excited to announce more practitioners will be starting soon!

Helena Rontziokos – Lead Psychologist

Helena approaches her work in a genuine and down-to earth manner, hoping to create a safe space for clients. 

 Helena is informed by evidence-based practice including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy approaches alongside Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Family Systems Therapy and Mindfulness Based Therapies. She has experience working with clients with depressive and anxiety presentations as well as complex trauma and/or post-traumatic stress disorder, autism spectrum disorder, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, personality disorders, psychosis and bipolar disorder. Helena is completing her Clinical Registrar Program following the completion of her Clinical Psychology Masters in 2017. 

 Helena’s work is guided by her clients and she aims to meet them where they’re at. She sees her sessions broadly as an avenue for clients to learn more about themselves. She can offer guidance and strategies to assist clients in managing distress with a holistic approach. Helena hopes that through having a space to talk openly and honestly, clients can lead more meaningful lives. 

 Helena is passionate about providing services to people who do not always have access to support. Her other work endeavours include working with adolescents and young adults in Western Sydney, and rurally with Indigenous children and families. 

Tegan McKay – Founder/Managing Director

Tegan is passionate about Mental Health and making a real difference to the millions of Aussie’s wanting and needing support in maintaining healthy mental health and wellbeing.

Tegan is currently finishing off the last leg of her studies to become a registered Psychologist (two years to go of the required six years training and study), so in the meantime, she will be behind the scenes running The Mindful Hub, where consultations will be provided by our nationally registered psychologists (we are always looking for practitioners wanting to join the team – if this is you, get in touch!).

She is also a Mother of two and is passionate about health for both her and her family. For all general enquires regarding The Mindful Hub, Tegan will be your go-to person.

Our  Story


Australia is a beautiful land of wide, open spaces, which means when you are struggling with your health, it can seem a little lonely. In the empty spaces are people who need help.

Services for mental health  are scarce and difficult to access in rural and regional Australia; and when there are services available, there might be an incredibly limited range, meaning that people who really need help are less likely to reach out for it or receive it. People either can’t travel to the practitioners, can’t get appointments that fit in with their busy lives, or can’t afford the services.

It is essential for mental health to find the practitioner and the treatment that works for you.

People not only need services, they need options. It is so important with mental services that you click with your practitioner. The Mindful Hub has taken this idea one step further – here you really ‘click’ with your practitioner.

If you need help – you aren’t alone.

Experts often list statistics of how common mental illness is amongst Australians, and it is no less common in remote areas. But you probably don’t need to hear that 1 in 5 people suffer from mental illness. You just know that it is real, it can be debilitating, and it is affecting your life.

If you feel like you or someone you love is in one of those empty spaces unable to get help, we can connect with you wherever you are.

Our   Values

Our Psychologists work collaboratively with you

We work together to develop treatment goals and intentions and from there, the most appropriate interventions will be selected to help you accomplish your goals, and regain balance and control in your life.

The Mind Body Connection.

It is now widely recognised that the connection between our emotional, mental, social and behavioural and our overall health exists. 

Mindfulness leads to happiness

Mindfulness is the ability to be in the present, feeling and observing what is taking place in that moment. We believe that the ability to learn and practice mindfulness helps promotes feelings of happiness and contentment.

Each team member of The Mindful Hub has a special interest in promoting health and wellbeing from a mindful and holistic (yet scientific) approach. Our approach is something we feel really sets us apart from other services. We want you to feel part of our Mindful Hub community, rather than being a client only. 

Got any questions? Get in contact!