Caitlin Hill – Clinical Psychologist
Caitlin is a patient, approachable and kind psychologist who values a relaxed and practical approach to therapy. She has worked as a clinical psychologist for a number of years in education settings and private practice. Her aim is to take time and care in understanding the concerns of her clients so that therapy is individualised and progress feels achievable. Caitlin is an advocate for self-compassion and likes to incorporate this into her work with clients.

Caitlin is trained in the following evidence based therapies:

–        Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

–        Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

–        Compassionate focused therapy

Caitlin currently works with adults (16+) and has a particular interest in working with adults who may be experiencing anxiety, depression, relationship concerns, life stressors and parenting concerns. She is also a registered Circle of Security Parenting facilitator, a program that helps parents and caregivers to develop safe and secure relationships with their children. 

Caitlin’s qualifications include: Bachelor of Psychology (honours) from the University of Western Sydney and Master of Clinical Psychology from Macquarie University.